4 Tips for Surviving Winter Storms

1. Prevent injury while shoveling

Each year, thousands get injured and even die while shoveling snow. Make sure you protect yourself from the elements when you get dressed. Wear layers of clothes that are both water repellent and light; this ensures you are ventilated while also insulated. And don’t forget a hat! Always warm up for about 10 minutes first with stretching as shoveling is an exercise and you should prepare you body first. Whenever possible, push snow instead of lifting it. If you don’t have the room, lift with your knees, but don’t throw snow over your shoulder, which results in straining your spine.

2. Make sure you have running water

When temperatures fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, water pipes tend to freeze. By wrapping your pipes with foam insulation, you can keep them in tip-top shape. You can also leave them running at a slow drip. Water is one of the necessities you’ll want to have during a winter storm.

3. Prepare with essentials

It’s recommended to have 7 days of food on hand when a storm is about to hit. Get to the store as early as possible to avoid empty shelves and a huge crowd. Even better, during the winter season have these essentials on hand: canned and dry foods, 5 gallons of water, basic toiletries, coffee (if you need your morning cup) with a stove top percolator if you lose power. And don’t forget your four-legged friends! Other essentials worthy of consideration: batteries, flashlight, radio (hand crank), kerosene heater or wood. If your power does goes go out with a full fridge, move your food to a cooler and pack in some snow.

4. Have some fun!

If you’re stuck in a snow storm without some entertainment, the hours can seem to drag. Be prepared by having a few games on hand like cards, board games and puzzles. Stop by the library after stocking up on more urgent items and pick up a few good books and magazines. By keeping yourself busy, the storm will seem to fly by. Enjoy your snow day!

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