As a daughter, choosing a senior living community for my mother was a difficult decision.  We searched long and hard to find a community that we felt mom would feel comfortable living in, and make new friends.  With her health issues becoming problematic and no longer able to live at home because of her various needs – we finally chose a Kaplan Development Group  community and wanted to share our story and give thanks in the spirit of Thanksgiving.  See below:

My mother now lives at a senior living community.  The community she lives at has a continuum of care with Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Alzheimer’s Memory Care Program.   She was a city girl when she married my Father almost 70 years ago and moved to Vienna, New Jersey. She soon became a “country girl” raising 5 of us on the family farm that has been in our family since 1744!

So when my dad passed away 20 years ago my mother felt she had the responsibility of carrying on the family tradition of keeping the farm in good hands. She stayed in the family home until about 6 years ago when it became apparent she needed companionship and more help living her daily life after suffering a mild heart attack. She realized that her home was that house after having lived over 50 years in one place.

My sister worked at the assisted living and independent living community that we finally chose,  and was able to get mom into assisted Living for several months while she  recuperated. The natural flow of things allowed our mother to move to Independent living when she recovered enough. We were so relieved as a family knowing that she was willing to move into her own apartment at the community surrounded by friends  instead of returning to a big old farm house. She quickly adapted and made very good friends who she shared breakfast and dinner with as time went on. She also LOVES Bingo and looks forward to it every single day! She also participated in Story Time, Art classes and Happy Hour with entertainment. Best of all she is HAPPY! We could not ask for anything better than that.

I know all of this because I live in Portland, Oregon and she calls me every night at 9 o’clock. Mom has always been a night owl and loves old movies and with the 3 hours difference in time she knows she can always get me on the phone. It is a special time for us because we check on one another because we live alone. It has been a very special time for us over the years in which she has done this. For 20 years she calls me religiously and we talk about all kinds of things. Best of all I get to hear how her day was and what was important to her. She lets me know if something is not right and when things are wonderful!

When I do come “home” for a visit I stay with my Mother in her beautiful apartment at the senior living community . I get to see her daily habits because I share all hours with her. I know what is working and what isn’t. She really is CONTENT where she is and that provides me with peace of mind knowing that she is truly happy with her apartment and surroundings. During my stay I have met all of her friends and have gotten to know them by first names. I also have eaten in the dining room, and I can say that while not every meal is perfect – EVERY meal that I have eaten in the dining room is of restaurant quality just like they said it would be!

Thank you for taking good care of my mother and others. One of the best things about making the move to this senior living community  is the formation of great friendships for those that live there. There was at one point in time a rearrangement of the dining room tables making it difficult for groups to get together. But that was a bonding time for them and I am so pleased that you listened to the folks that lived there when they asked to have larger tables to accommodate their friends to share a meal. That was brilliant! The best success story of all for me isknowing that my Mother has very good friends there that make the days go bye fast and filled with fun.

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